Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What’s your Testing Mission?

Over the last months Atlassian’s Developer blog has been running a series of posts about testing and QA.

Last week I contributed a post regarding test missions and is available here.


If you are interested in the rest of the series, here are the topics:

- Making Bonfire Part I and Part II, Andrew Prentice
- The only way to keep bugs out of your software, Christina Bang
- Testing and Bad Smells: When to Investigate Potential Bugs, Penny Wyatt
- Interviewing the Product: Making Testing More Flexible, Michael Larsen
- 13 Steps to Learn & Perfect Security Testing in your Org, Mark Hrynczak
- Finding the Right Foot: Testing Efficiency Through Engineering Efficiency, Catherine Powell
- On the Redistribution of Testing Part I and Part II, Paul Gerrard
- Enter the Defect: When in Doubt, Report the Bug, Richard Hale
- When 4/5 Dentists agree, Why Do 4/5 Testers Disagree? Lanette Creamer
- Risk: a four letter word for quality management? Bryce Day
- The Changing Skillset of a Tester and Increasing the Speed to Cool, Craig Smith
- 10 Top Tips for Test Managers, Kieran Williams
- Revealing Oracles, Anne-Marie Charett

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